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Fulfillment & Mailing



ALLCARD is equipped to personalize cards of every size and shape through extensive investments in leading-edge technology. For high volume and speed our custom manufacturing equipment utilizes DOD (drop on demand) imaging with UV curing. This is extremely cost effective on larger runs when speed and quality are required. Scratch-off panels for security PINs, magnetic stripe encoding as well as label affixing can also be applied all in-line with electronic camera verification to ensure that each and every card is working perfectly. At ALLCARD we can also emboss your card with foil tipping and thermal print in colour for your specific requirements. If your card needs to be personalized - we have the means to get it done.


Combining your collateral with your cards has never been easier. At ALLCARD we can affix cards onto carriers at a speed of up to 18,000 per hour! Launch your campaign with ease or update and issue new cards to your existing customers using our convenient process. ALLCARD can affix cards onto any type, size and shape carrier. From gift cards on display hangers to personalized member cards on personalized letters with electronic verification. We can also take any of your promotional items and affix them to a carrier as well. ALLCARD can also handle any of your particular packaging and shrink wrapping requirements for your own distribution or third-party gift card networks.


We are able to insert, seal and personalize more than 8,000 envelopes per hour. For any program you are running, we are able to combine and deliver your product in a presentable and timely manner. Thanks to ALLCARD’s ability to label packages as they come off our machinery, it allows us to deliver a streamlined process for getting your products out the door and into your customer's hands fast. Ship on our account or yours, we have integrated solutions built with Purolator, Canada Post and UPS so no matter how or where your package is going, we will make sure it gets there! We handle distributions ranging from 1 location to more than 2 million, so there is no job too big or too small.


Here at ALLCARD, we have fine-tuned inventory management so well that we are now looking after it for a number of our clients. In addition to managing their card & collateral inventory and distribution, we are warehousing a large number of non-card related items for our clients. We recently added an additional 10,000 square feet specifically for our Pick, Pack and Ship “Store”. This service is available to you and can be coupled with your card program distribution or can be operated as a standalone drop shipping service for anything and everything you need to be warehoused and shipped. Even if it’s not a product that we are selling to you, we are able to hold it in our warehouse and ship directly to you or your customers. If you combine this service up with our Online Store Ordering Portal and you’ll be able to see real-time inventory, order more cards, set-up automatic-replenishment, and even build a customer-facing website to sell your products directly to your clients!

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