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Laser Card Solutions


Integrated Cards are created by applying clear laminate to both sides of a carrier document and then applying a precision die-cut to the document face. The die-cut creates a peel-out card. A laser printer is required to print the carrier letter that now includes an integrated card. This ensures both an exact colour match and a data match between the card and the carrier. ALLCARD can also provide digital face film for digital printing of blank sheets on a Xerox® iGEN. The die-cut card can be located anywhere on the carrier to within 0.375” from any edge.


Laser polyester cards are a great solution for business and associations looking for a thin, durable plastic card for use in membership based programs. These thin 9pt synthetic cards are affixed securely to the carrier with a clean release laminate, so no messy adhesive residue gets left on the card or carrier. Personalization of this card and carrier document can be done on any desktop printer. The poly cards are pre-printed and then affixed to the carriers in any location to within 0.125” from any edge. ALLCARD offers the option of an 8pt paper card that can be used in place of the 9 pt poly card as a cost alternative solution.


A Tipped-On Card is any card that is pattern glued to any carrier. The carrier can be a letter, a postcard, an invitation card or almost any other custom sized and shaped media piece. The cards can be plastic, paper or any suitable synthetic material. When tipping-on cards, any card thickness can be accommodated, however, we recommend you check with your ALLCARD representative to discuss “Laser Friendliness” if you intend to personalize the card and carrier.

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